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Stanford trained, Jane became a partner at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, where she practiced general pediatrics and was repeatedly recognized by her colleagues as one of the top pediatricians in the Bay Area.

She was invited to join the Stanford neonatology faculty to develop their Breastfeeding Medicine Program. She designed a nationally recognized educational program, published her original research and traveled extensively and internationally as an invited speaker.

Jane first envisioned the opportunity to personalize comprehensive pediatric care in a concierge practice, sharing the same model and space with her husband, Dr. Michael Jacobs, and her daughter, Dr. Emma Morton-Bours, both internists with Interactive Wellness.

She enjoys the full gamut of caring for infants, children and adolescents, supporting families in keeping children physically and emotionally healthy. Respecting the diversity of traditions, beliefs and styles of parenting, her philosophy has been to help families raise children to grow up to feel both lovable and capable.

Her internationally recognized educational videos on breastfeeding can be viewed here and on the Stanford University website and purchased at www.breastmilksolutions.com. More of Dr. Morton's published breastfeeding materials are located HERE. She welcomes expectant parents to meet with her before the birth of their baby.

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