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Welcome to Burgess Pediatrics, Your Concierge Pediatrician in Menlo Park

Do you remember your childhood pediatrician? Was it a doctor you knew and trusted, and who knew you and your family well, was always there when you needed help, and supported you through different ages and stages? We remember the days in medicine when relationships and the highest quality of care were top priorities. Burgess Pediatrics is a concierge practice which was founded in 2007 to provide comprehensive, personalized, around-the-clock care in line with these values.

We value expertise and experience. Our three doctors have a combined 84 years of pediatric practice experience among them. We employ registered nurses rather than medical assistants in order to provide you with the highest level of nursing expertise, and our three nurses have a combined 83 years of nursing experience.

We value meaningful relationships. We work as a team to get to know your family personally and medically and understand what is important to you. By caring for only a small number of patients, we have the time and ability to address your questions in detail, follow through on any ongoing health concerns, direct and coordinate care with specialists, and to comprehensively understand your child’s physical and emotional health.

We value preventative medicine. We love to provide true “health care” in addition to “sick care,” and our practice structure allows for the time to focus on optimizing your child’s overall health and well- being in much greater depth than is possible in a traditional medical practice.

We value service. Life is busy, and we are committed to making our practice convenient and accessible for your family. When you call our office, your call will be personally answered by one of our nurses, who knows you and your family. When your child needs attention of any kind, our doctors and nurses will attend to your child personally, not route you to an urgent care. Appointments are as long as necessary to address all of your concerns, and are easy to schedule, even same day. 

Please call our office if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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